Let me share a random thought, apropos of nothing as they say: if you’re seeing the walls fall around you inside a particular, err, closed community maybe consider reading into it a bit?

With that out of the way:

  1. Virgin Atlantic increased the price of International First awards on ANA by approximately 40%. I expected this would happen sooner than it did, but it was inevitable after Virgin Atlantic announced that they joined SkyTeam in September finished the integration a few days ago.

    Currently business class flights are pricing similar to before, but expect that to change soon.
  2. JetBlue has a fare sale for its newly launched JFK-CDG Paris route with decent fares for economy and Mint (effectively a higher end business class, lie-flat product):

    – Economy: $479 round-trip
    – Mint: $1,899 round trip

    These fares are valid for travel between September 10 and December 13, require a Saturday stay-over and have to be booked by tomorrow evening.
  3. J. Pow at the Federal Reserve messaged that more aggressive interest rates hikes are on the horizon. If you’re playing games with CDs this is probably relevant to you; double check that interest rate hikes won’t outpace the gains from your shenanigans and act accordingly. As usual though, remember that I’m not a CPA or an attorney, and you probably shouldn’t take my advice about anything, ever.
  4. Do this now: Register for 6,000 bonus miles on some paid Air Canada tickets between the US and Canada booked by March 15 and flown by December 15. Yes, you probably won’t end up using this one, but what if Justin Trudeau calls you to the capital for an emergency meeting about Tim Hortons?

I know Americans don’t have any basis to throw shade at another country’s cuisine, and especially not at Tim Hortons when we’ve got Dunkin’ Donuts, but Canada: You ok up there?

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