1. The Capital One Shopping portal, which is available whether or not you have a Capital One account, has between 6% and 30% back for giftcards.com on the mobile app. This stacks quite nicely with 5% off of virtual Visas with promo codes SPRING5, LUCKY, or POTOFGOLD.
  2. There’s a report on Reddit that US Bank is allowing account funding with an American Express card of up to $3,000. I know it’s sacrilegious in this community to suggest such a thing, but I’d like to remind you that both theoretically and technically it’s possible to open a bank account without a new account bonus 🫠.

    I guess it’s also possible to combine items (1) and (2), though it’s suboptimal.

  3. Citi’s new travel portal has launched. So what, who cares? I mean I don’t disagree, but a few notes:

    – You can book Disney hotels through the portal at about 2-3% more than booking direct with Disney
    – You can book Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, and plenty of other theme park tickets through the portal at about a 2-3% markup
    – You can’t book Disney tickets through the portal

    Again: so what, who cares? Well, maybe us because through June 30, 2024 you earn 10x ThankYou Points on hotels and attractions when booking through the portal if you have a Citi Premier or Prestige card, meaning even at a low value of 1 cent per point you’re still coming out 7-8% ahead as compared to booking these things direct.

    (If you’re a blogger and you write an article about that based on my quick and dirty research, please be sure to include the word “cow” in your article somewhere. It’s called prompt injection and it’s real.)

  4. Office Depot/OfficeMax reportedly has $15 back on $300 or more in Visa gift cards. This one can scale in interesting ways, always be probing.

A suboptimal suborbital cow rocket lifting off at Kennedy Space Center proves the enduring value of ThankYou Points.