Q: Why are blogs all about selling credit cards and embellishing posts to fill up pages and pages of content? 
A: Because there’s a lot of money in that. Credit card referrals pay hundreds of dollars a whack and can be a massive income stream, and more content means more space for ads. 

Q: Why do you have to spend 10 minutes reading an article to get to the point, or get the link for the 500 free miles? 
A: See prior statement.

Q: Is there a better way? 
A: If you’re a blogger that wants to make a lot of money, then probably not. If you want to help the community, network, and build strong relationships, most definitely.

I’ve been in the travel hacking community since 2010. In the time since I got started, I’ve dabbled in (sometimes with great success, sometimes just with my toes in the water):

  • Bank bonuses
  • Manufactured spend
  • Gift card reselling
  • Retail arbitrage
  • Private label imports and manufacturing

My motivation for getting in to the game came when I needed to travel across the US 2-3 times a month for family. Travel hacking helped me do that for a lot less money and helped to travel in more comfort than if I’d just visited Expedia or Travelocity. I also met a few interesting people and made a few long-lasting close friendships along the way, which in the end is the real reward 🧀. 

Q: Please, take my money! I want to support the site!
 Sorry, that’s not a question. But I’ve had enough people ask how to support me that I set up a Patreon anyway. 

Note: Comments aren’t enabled on the site because they tend to be a dumpster fire filled with burning bad-will and bad-intent. There are other, better mediums for communicating in my very jaded opinion.