American Express Employee Cards and Sign-up Bonuses

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There are a few regular questions that circulate about American Express authorized user and employee cards. All of the answers are easy, but they’re hard to find publicly. Let’s try and fix that:

Q: Will spend on employee or AU cards count toward sign-up bonuses?
A: Yes

Q: Will spend on employee or AU cards count toward retention offers?
A: Yes

Q: If I have a Business Platinum card and I add a Business Gold Employee card to that account, will I get the Business Gold bonus categories?
A: No, bonus payout is solely governed by the primary account card type. All employee and authorized user cards earn as if they were the same type of card as the primary account

Of course if you read between the lines, there’s another nugget of wisdom: If you add an employee or authorized user card to your account that includes its own spend bonus, spend on that card will count toward both the employee spend bonus and a sign-up or retention offer too. True maximizers will triple stack these when it’s possible, so spending a single dollar counts toward a sign-up bonus, and employee card spend bonus, and a retention offer.

Good luck out there!

These slippers could get you $10 spend towards three bonuses simultaneously, and unlimited sideways glances too.

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