There are a a few categories of manufactured spend techniques:

  • Those we talk about plainly like Kiva and BravoPay
  • Those we hint about and aren’t terribly fragile, but are kept slightly quiet just in case
  • Those that aren’t discussed in public places because they’d likely die with scale

Today’s focus is on the middle type:

  1. Not all American Express cards are credit or charge cards.
  2. Often you can hold more than one of a card, even if it seems like you can only hold one.
  3. Dollar General isn’t just for expired candy.
  4. You can liquidate Visa and Mastercards at Walgreens with the help of the photo department.
  5. Family Dollar competes with Dollar General, also not just with expired candy.
  6. Some malls sell different kinds of cards.
  7. Regional grocery chains are often key to in-person scale.
  8. Sometimes FinTechs have hidden modes for advanced users.
  9. Some banks can liquidate Visas and Mastercards directly.

Good luck out there, and have a nice weekend!

Bonus: Newtonian physics hints.