1. Hyatt has released targeted Q1 offers, though they’re not actually showing for everyone that’s targeted (if you care, you can view page source on your account and see the ones that you’re targeted for — search for promotionCode). The actual links to test:

    Category 1-4 certificate after two nights
    Category 1-4 certificate after three nights

    Suite upgrade award after five nights, and another after another five
    Suite upgrade award after ten qualifying nights, and another after another ten

    3x points for every two night stay, max 30,000 points
    3x points for every qualifying three night stay, max 30,000 points
    2x points for every qualifying two night stay, max 30,000 points
    2x points for every qualifying three night stay, max 30,000 points

    2,000 bonus points every two nights, max 20,000 points
    3,000 bonus points every three nights, max 15,000 points
    5,000 bonus points every five nights, max 25,000 points
    10,000 bonus points every ten nights, max 30,000 points

    These offers are also randomly appearing as popups on the same page, so it may be worth logging in a few times over the next couple of days to click the registration link in the popup should it appear if you don’t want to manually try each of the above links.
  2. There’s a shopping portal bonus at United and American’s shopping portals for spend through January 19:

    1,000 bonus miles at United after $300 in spend
    1,000 AA bonus miles after $400 in spend through

    Unfortunately giftcards.com is still absent from both, though you can still reach Dell and Rakuten to cash out American Express credits. (Thanks to DoC)
  3. IHG has an award sale for 20% off of stays between one and three nights through March 10 for Chase IHG cardholders, and reportedly for everyone else in a day or two. (Thanks to FM)
  4. The Bank of America Alaska personal card is making changes which are by in large great for a manufactured spender. The relevant changes:

    – Annual fee goes from $75 to $95
    – 2x on gas, transit, and rideshare
    – 10% rewards boost for holding a deposit account, priority boarding
    – Free checked bag benefit only available if the card was used to purchase the Alaska ticket

    There are similar changes for the business card, except that the 2x categories are gas, transit, rideshare, and shipping, and the 10% bonus requires a business account. As for the business annual fee it seems to be the saying, but alask-ya later. (Update: the business annual fee is increasing too. Thanks to SideShowBob233)

    For more, see Travel Codex and reddit.

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