I know many of us were in a mad dash to cash-out airline incidental credits from American Express, Bank of America, and PenFed Pathfinder during the last couple of weeks of December. Hopefully that mad dash was part of a triple dip and not just low-key, long-term procrastination, but regardless I’m here for it. Either way, it’s time to cash out all of your 2023 credits today, even if you’re still hungover from the last round. Why?

  • The credit works as well early in the year as it does later
  • Methods die all the time, and sometimes they don’t come back — be pre-mortem
  • The end of the year is typically when you’re busiest
  • There’s no prize for waiting until the end of the year (or if there is a prize, you don’t want it)

I wanted to end with a silly rhyme that started with “Don’t procrastinate, just [blank]“, but I didn’t like where that went. Suggestions welcome.

The procrastination prize.