Cards like the American Express Gold and Platinum famously include monthly Uber and Uber Eats credits. (Incidentally, the food is famously sketchy too, partially because it doesn’t travel well and partially because randos without food handling permits are often the delivery people.)

Here’s a question though, what happens when you’ve used your January Uber credits in the middle of the month but still have an upcoming ride? The answer is give yourself a loan on April’s credits:

  • Pay for your Uber ride (like a sucker)
  • Wait until April 1
  • Open the trip details in the Uber app
  • Change your payment method to your April credits (like not-a-sucker)

The change payment trick only has a 30 day look-back, so your ability to borrow on future credits is limited, but certainly non-zero.

You spend so long trying to figure out if you could borrow Uber Eats credits that you never thought about where or not you should borrow Uber Eats credits.