For a quick diversion today, I’ve created a library of free-to-use AI generated images for sensationalist travel blog posts. Feel free to use in any way you see fit, these are public domain and sure to come in handy soon!

Airline tug collides with duck during pushback!

Airline lavatory overflows!

Bedbugs at Lubbock, TX hotel!

Man strips to undergarments for airport security!

Southwest companion pass allows unlimited free travel!

Seatbelt extender breaks mid flight!

Pilot smokes in cockpit and spills coffee on the seat!

The Chase Sapphire Preferred’s biggest ever sign-up bonus ends next month!

Teen Instagram model kicked off of flight for wearing too much makeup!

American Express claws back 93 Membership Rewards!

Cathay Pacific’s amazing business class food spread.

No smoking placard falls off of ceiling mid-flight, pilot saves the day with duct tape!

Herd of goats fly in business class for zoo charter flight!

Senator misses flight, runs out onto tarmac to stop the plane!

Exclusive: Inside look at New York air-route traffic control center’s new janitorial closet!

Kurt Cobain’s estranged daughter plays “Smells like teen spirit” on Spotify for the whole plane!

Disgruntled man secretly cut’s Mr. T’s hair when his hair blocks the in-flight entertainment.

Travel blogger pokes fun at travel bloggers instead of enjoying the beach!

Have a nice day friends!