Target’s Manufactured Spend Weekend

On Saturday and Sunday, Target Gift Cards are 10% off, limit $500. The limit is per account if buying e-gift cards, or per transaction for in-store physical gift cards. You can buy these at self checkout too, where the number of transactions is limited only by your level of self-consciousness and by how much you care about those waiting in line behind you. Unlike previous years though, you have to clip a one time use coupon in Target Circle. What does that mean? Burner account time.

The miles and points angle? You get credit card spend, and you can sell these for above break even for most of the year. Historically, rates have dipped in December and January as a glut of supply hits the market so plan on holding for a couple of months if that’s your game. Don’t forget that is a Discover 5% cash back category in Q4, bringing your total discount to 15%.

Levels of this deal:
0: Save on stuff you’re going to by anyway (use the card yourself)
1: Sell the card at 90% of face (break even + CC spend)
2: Sell the card at above 90% of face (profit + CC spend)
3: Buy a higher spot-rate gift card with your target gift card (more profit + CC spend)
4: Organize a hostile corporate takeover of Target using discounted gift cards (own a Fortune 500 company + CC spend)

A stand up circular target for bow & arrow practice, with arrows scattered on the ground and stand but none hitting the target surface.
Hitting the target deal perfectly

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