1. Register for the Asia Miles Citi TYP Bonus. The transfer bonus is either 10% or 15% for transferred miles that post before Jan 31, 2021. After you receive the confirmation email, you can transfer Citi ThankYou Points and get the bonus. If you were shutdown by AA, the Asia Miles program is a good backup option for US to Asia flights, and the transfer bonus makes it better.

2. Register for Hilton’s Q1 2021 Promotion. If you happen to stay in a Hilton property, you’ll get 2,000 bonus points per stay between Jan 1, 2021 and May 2, 2021. Register now in case that happens. You’ll also get an extra 5,000 points for each 5 nights in aggregate.

Don’t go out of your way to book a Hilton property though, especially because of this promotion — most hotel rates are too low right now for it to make sense to target a single program, and this bonus is too small to change what you’d already do. Just let it happen naturally, and be happy if you get bonus points for something you’d have done anyway.

This is the Hilton Q1 2021 promotion if it were a food.