HSBC is a weird bank; they’ve been talking about leaving the US completely for a long time because they keep losing money. They are also paying handsomely for new US customers for some reason. Honestly, they’re a lot like that crazy person you dated right after school. There’s a bonus of $600 for signing up for a new Premier checking account between now and December 31. This is the easiest big bank bonus I know about.


  • There’s a fee of $50 per month that starts after 6 months (can be waived with direct deposit or a big balance, or just by closing the account before then).
  • You have to apply for this account over the phone, or in branch.
  • You have to get a referral code.
  • You have to ACH transfer (“direct deposit”) $5,000 per month into the account up to three times to qualify. I don’t see any reason you can’t just transfer it right back out after.
  • You’ll get a 1099 for the bonus

How do you get a referral code? Find a friend who already has an HSBC Premier checking account and ask. I’m not here to monetize you and I’d rather you find a friend, but if that doesn’t work reach out to me and I can share one.

Young adult girl with huge eyes and a menacing, big-smiled stare.
HSBC, if HSBC was your ex girlfriend.