Apparently Walmart is rolling out a POS software update which blocks money order purchases for swipes of above $49.99 for prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift cards from the BlackHawk Network (BHN), which is the network that issues prepaid cards for both Staples and Simon.

You can currently still load GoBank / Serve at the registers or money center, and so far US Bank issued gift cards are not affected.

If you’re like me, you need another Amex Platinum card like you need a hole in the head. But, here’s a better sign up bonus for an American Express Platinum card that’s the best I’ve ever seen:

  • 75,000 Membership Rewards sign-up bonus after spending $5,000 in 6 months
  • 20% statement credit on restaurant spend up to $300 back within the first 12 months
  • 10x Membership Rewards points at Grocery Stores and/or Gas Stations

I think this is an affiliate link of, so they’ll likely get something if you use their link. I’d give you a non-affiliate link if I knew of one, but I don’t, sorry. 🤷‍♀️

Drunk Kermit
10x Membership Rewards on Rosé from Ralphs

Cash App is offering 10% back on Grocery, up to $7.50, expiring in 3 days. (In case you’re not aware of Cash App, it’s a free cash management debit card and mobile app designed to transfer money from venture capitalists’ bank accounts to startups to your wallet.)

In case that doesn’t strike your fancy, Meijer Grocery and Staples are both offering fee free or better Visa gift cards this week.

Finally, there’s a good $750 sign up bonus for the Chase Ink Unlimited no annual fee card. See DoctorOfCredit for more details.

Sample venture capitalist:

I was sad when effectively shut down around Christmas 2018, because we lost something precious in the frequent flyer community. His site had a simple message: “Just the most miles in the fewest words possible.” As far as I know, we as a community have nothing like that anymore … at least not until now.

My goal is to try and be a new iteration of MileNerd with lots of signal and little noise. I’m probably not as funny as he is, as shorted winded as he is, or as plugged in to the community as he is but — Ok, there is no but.

To a bright future!