Wednesday Airline Twosome

The airlines (air lines) took over today’s post:

1. Delta Air Lines has an award sale running for Delta One (business class) seats between the US and multiple European and northern Africa cities for tickets booked today or tomorrow. So far, it seems that your best results will be secondary SkyTeam European cities (e.x., forget LHR, AMS, and CDG as destinations, but connecting in those cities is great). I’m seeing discounts running January through March, but check April too — Delta’s award sales are usually further reaching than advertised.

Of course, Virgin Atlantic Miles can still be a better deal for many routes, so search both places unless you’re trying to specifically burn through your SkyMiles collection, or because you might want to book with SkyMiles for the sake of earning status in 2022. No judgement for MQM and MQD seekers, I get you.

2. Southwest Airlines is likely extending their bookings schedule this morning for flights through June 6th. To play the long game with this one for getting a discount for a flight you want to take:

  • Figure out where and when you want to go
  • Find the cheapest flight ± two weeks to and from your desired date to your desired city
  • Book the cheapest flight
  • Wait for the inevitable Southwest adjustment to your flight schedules
  • Switch to the flights you actually want for no additional cash or points

So, which is it? Airlines (Southwest) or air lines (like Delta)?

Airlines versus air lines as plotted by science.

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