Since today is Prime Day and Amazon is the easiest to deal with when working with buyer’s groups, it’s a good time tocheck those dormant WhatsApp and Telegram notification channels today and tomorrow. Just remember the golden rule with Amazon and buyer’s groups: Never use an Amazon gift card.

With that, it seems like everyone wants to have their own promotions this week which culminated in a few interesting deals:

  1. Capital One has $50 to $200 off of some flights booked through their travel portal this week. The level 201 play: Book in conjunction with a VentureX $300 travel credit and convert to a travel wallet or travel fund with your airline of choice, provided your airline of choice has such a thing. (Thanks to The_Most_Hye)
  2. Meijer MPerks has 10,000 points with $100 or more in Happy, Choice, and One4All gift cards through Saturday, limit one per account. Scale with multiple MPerks accounts.
  3. Chase Offers has $50 off of $250 or more in JW Marriott and W Hotel brands booked by October 31. Yes, you can find a way to use these without actually being #bonvoyed if you try. There are also targeted offers for Sheraton, Renaissance, Springhill Suites, and other Marriott brands, and ditto on the #bonvoyed thing. (Thanks to DoC, FM)
  4. American Express’s “offer week” is a lame attempt at generating buzz, but it has produced a few slightly useful offers (registration required):

    – $50 off of $100 at Dell through October 18, so you can have a pricier order canceled
    – $80 off of $200 at Hilton through October 13 for stays through the end of the year
    – $50 off of $200 at Lowes through October 13 for a store that sells gift cards, but not well
    – $60 off of $200 at Hertz through November 8 as a new target for correlation breaking

    Each requires enrollment either directly through the American Express offer week page or via your AmEx Dashboard.
  5. Rakuten has 10% cash back at popular merchants like Dell and Sam’s Club this week, and remember that 10% should actually be at least 11% cash back with Rakuten via the Membership Rewards backdoor.
  6. Do this now if you hold a Delta credit card: Register for a $100 Delta eCredit for booking a non-basic economy paid international flight by Friday for travel by March 24, 2024 with some black out dates around Christmas and New Years.

Good luck, and remember that if you don’t buy something, you saved 100%, or maybe 0%. It can be hard to tell, but either way you still have your cash.

Amazon sent this to the last guy that used a gift card to send a Kindle Fire to a buyer’s group.

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