American Express Offers, The Strategy

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Since effectively the beginning of time, the display of available American Express offers has been limited to 100 per card.* This matters because there are many more 100 offers available on a given account nearly as often as there are days in which Spirit airlines delays a flight. Often the best offers aren’t displayed because they’re below the other, stupider offers too (probably thanks to copious use of a function named RANDOM() throughout the American Express code base).

So, what’s the remedy? Add a bunch of offers that you don’t care about so that you can see some that you may want. There are even scripts to help you do this in case you don’t want RSI from gaming a credit card. For bonus points, put your least favorite card on a separate login with a different email address so that it’s easy to filter “offer expiring soon” emails too.

*For a glorious month in Summer 2021 there was magic link that would display more than 100 offers)

One of those great American Express offers.

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