1. It’s time to buy BestBuy gift cards for resale at Amazon (or to buy regular merchandise if that’s how you roll). Check for the following offers:

  • Discover 40% off up to $40 back when using at least one point
  • American Express 30% off up to $30 back when using at least one Membership Rewards point
  • Chase 50% off up to $15 back when using at least one Ultimate Rewards point

With all of these you should use only one point because the redemption value isn’t great. Also combine with any bonus offers linked to your cards if you have them (AmEx currently has a 5x offer at Amazon for example). If the offers aren’t showing for you on Amazon’s site: unlink the relevant cards, wait a couple hours, add the cards back, wait a couple of hours, then try again. That’ll usually do the trick to get you eligible.

2. Check your email for a targeted spending offer on the no annual-fee Citi Shop Your Way Rewards Mastercard (a still future Miles Earn and Burn Unsung Hero card). The current offer is 10x at home improvement and electronics stores up to $12,500 in spend, and it of course works in tandem with another offer for 10% back on utility payments up to $500 in spend per month until January. Look for emails with the following subject (but prolly replace Matthew with your name, because duh):

  • “Matthew, your limited-time offer is here. Activate now.”
  • “Matthew, activate your bonus rewards offer!”

3. Check for the following American Express coupons offers:

  • 5x at Amazon
  • $25 back on $250 at BestBuy
  • $40 back on $200 at Hertz
  • $200 back on $1,000 at Delta Vacations (hint: You can book Disney with Delta Vacations)

There are other good ones too, just clip those coupons save them to your account.

The feel that American Express is evidently shooting for with their ultra-premium Platinum and Centurion cards.

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