1. There’s currently a targeted offer on credit cards with Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and several small credit unions for $75 back on a $75 purchase at AT&T in-store. Reader Ling wrote in to let me know that the credit-card linked program Dosh also has a deal for $75 back at AT&T. He made a purchase and both offers stacked, leading to $150 in cash back for a $75 purchase.

I believe both of these deals will continue to work together because they’re run by different companies and run on different reward networks, so if you e got an AT&T store close by it might be worth dropping in.

2. There are a bunch of points transfer bonuses going on right now:

3. Try and register at this link for bonus Hyatt points for nights spent in a Hyatt hotel between now and January 14, 2022. In contrast to a Bonvoy point being worth about half a cent, I think about a Hyatt point as being worth close to two cents, which makes this a great promotion if you’ve already got stays planned. Offers I’ve heard:

  • 30,000 points for each 10 nights (thanks to Gators5220)
  • 12,000 points for each 5 nights (thanks to MK)

Happy Thursday!

A Thursday triple cheeseburger churningburger. As usual, this burger is worth about the same as 1,400 Bonvoy points, but is much easier to redeem where and when you want. #bonvoyed