State of the Union

I’m not burying the lead this time: gift card reselling has gone plaid in the last week. A few vitals:

  • BestBuy $500 card rates crept above 99% for a day, and held at or above 98% for most of the week
  • Kroger Fuel Points spot prices are higher than I’ve ever seen, reaching north of $18 per 1,000 points
  • There have been more profitable non-BestBuy gift card reselling deals in the last two weeks than there were all summer long
  • Bulk gift card buyer demand seems to be larger this year than it was last year (or the year before)
  • More brands are becoming profitable when combined with grocery rewards: Apple, Home Depot, Nike, and Marshalls to name a few. More diversity means more opportunity

Honestly, The last week was so good that I knocked out a few big-spend sign-up bonuses on new credit cards using nothing but third party gift card resale deals over the past weekend.

Where to Start

The number one question I get lately is “Where do I find resale rates like these? I checked Raise and GiftCardWiki, and the gift card rates aren’t anywhere near what you post.” Well, I’ll share three for the moment (two for beginners and one once you’ve done a little bit of volume):

There are others too, but I think to use them effectively you should cut your teeth with the above. As you get bigger volume and better at the processes, you’ll get better rates and ultimately probably network your way into advanced aggregators and ultimately private buyers who will pay the highest rates. My best suggestion is to walk before you run on this one!

I know this isn’t what people mean when they say “cutting your teeth”, but it’s where my mind goes. Also, it’s probably where yours will go now too. Sorry, not sorry.