This time of year never disappoints with manufactured spend promotions. Here are a few to look at today:

1. Kroger is running a 4x fuel promotion on third party fixed value gift cards from today through December 7. Time to warm up those grocery store bonused credit cards.

2. The rumor that Sam’s club has started to pay out portal bonuses on gift card purchases again has been confirmed (at least for me). Time to warm up those warehouse club bonused cards and your Rakuten Visa, or take advantage of the 7 days remaining on the CashApp Sam’s boost.

3. HyVee grocery stores are running an offer for $10 off each $150 in Visa gift cards through November 25. I’d buy a $500 Visa gift card for $30 back, and lather, rinse, and repeat.

4. If you have any non American Express issued AmEx cards, use this page to add an offer for $10 back on $10 or more in spend at small business, up to 5 times for a total of $50 back by December 31. I added the offer to my US Bank Flexperks AmEx and liquidated by buying five $10 gift cards at the local coffee shop.

Happy manufacturing!

Pictured: Retailers gearing up for black Friday. Not pictured: our giant manufactured spend robot that eats fastpitches for breakfast.