1. Another week, another Point debit card offer: 15x at Nike between now and Monday September 6, limit 5000 points (or $333 in spend). I’ll buy a $330 gift card for resale at 93.5% and a net cost of 85%.

Point has been a great middle-man for transferring money from venture capitalist bank accounts into our wallets. I have to wonder when these offers will die, but it could be a while because VC money is plentiful right now — especially for FinTech companies.

As usual with Point, sign up for a new account using a referral link for the best bonus (currently $100 after spending $1,000). Make a friend’s day by using theirs, but if you don’t know anyone with a link you can reach out to me and I’ll share mine.

2. Marriott Bonvoy has its fall promotion out for stays between September 14 and December 12. Register here right now in case you end up at a Marriott property in the next several months. Also, my condolences if you do.

What’s the offer you ask? Answer: A slap in the face, but also 1,500 bonus points added to your Bonvoy account for each stay at a Marriott (or 4,500 if the property is all inclusive). Ok, ok i kid: a slap in the face is complimentary with every Marriott stay.

My welcome gift as a Bonvoy elite at my last Marriott Courtyard stay.

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