1. Meijer MPerks has a new gift card offer, $10 off of $150 or more in Visa Gift Cards through Saturday. Meijer stores carry either or both of Sunrise and Metabank gift cards. The former are easier to deal with in person but there are options for liquidation of both. How many MPerks accounts do you have?

2. Southwest has a double tier points promotion available to everyone, register here before November 30, and book your travel before then too. This will fast track you to status on Southwest, which can be valuable. The downside though? You have to fly Southwest to get the status and unfortunately you’ll never get a first class upgrade, it turns out those seats are always sold out.

3. Chase wasn’t satisfied to let AmEx have all the fun, so they’ve added a 30% bonus for transferring Ultimate Rewards to British Airways and Iberia Avios. The Lazy Traveler has an interesting tip: Iberia is currently pricing as off-peak for the whole year of 2022, so take advantage. (And remember that the AmEx transfer bonus is 40%.)

4. It’s been circulating in several private groups that Kroger has another 4x fuel points promotion for buying gift cards running between Wednesday and the following Tuesday, September 21. No link yet, but watch for the ad in your mailbox this week. The longer running promotions like this are better than the short weekend ones (They’re not better just because they last longer, get out and try some things!)

On a semi-related note, the March American Express Platinum upgrade 10x at gas and grocery has started posting for everyone I know and for me too. You’ve still got a few days left to max out the $15,000 spend from that deal if you haven’t already.

The old school Southwest first class upgrade. IYKYK.