1. Staples has fee-free $200 Mastercards through Saturday, limit eight per transaction. As usual:

    – Don’t forget about the American Express Business Gold monthly $20 office supply credit
    – Try for multiple transactions back-to-back

    These are Pathward gift cards, and liquidation plays at major retailers often have a throttle of $480 every six minutes.
  2. There’s a new, targeted no-lifetime language American Express Blue Business Plus offer for 75,000 Membership Rewards after $15,000 spend in 12 months. It’s likely that you’ll also be targeted for 99 employee card bonuses after a couple of months too, so you can double dip spend bonuses.

    This is a credit card, and the limit of credit cards per social security number at American Express is either five or six, depending on, I dunno, I guess the color of the shirt you were wearing in your 5th grade glass photo.
  3. Meijer MPerks has $10 off of $150 or more in Visa gift card purchases through Saturday. This version requires that you clip the coupon in your MPerks account, and it can’t be clipped more than once in the same account. I wonder if it’s possible to create multiple MPerks accounts through some sort of internet sorcery? I guess we’ll never know.

    Meijer sells both Pathward and Sunrise gift cards. (Thanks to GCG)
  4. American Express offers has a targeted $100 off of $400 or more at Hyatt properties in Mexico, Costa Rica, and South America through January 31, 2024. Perhaps it’s time to re-read Breaking the Correlation because reasons.
  5. Citi ThankYou Points has a transfer bonus to Accor Hotels through November 30, which makes each ThankYou Point worth approximately 1.6 cents each depending on the USDEUR exchange rate.

    Accor Hotels are typically passed over in the points community, but I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Accor all over Europe.

Happy Monday!

All I can say is say for sure is that purple means six credit card slots and flannel means future Accor elite. I don’t make the rules.