1. Giftcards.com has 10% off of $100 Visa eGift cards using promo code SUPERDAD or SUPERDAD10, limit three per order. Too bad science hasn’t yet figured out a way to decode what these codes could mean and why they surfaced this week.

    These are Pathward gift cards, and have a limit of $2,000 in purchases in a rolling 24 hour period for both the virtual and physical varieties.
  2. The Alaska Airlines MileagePlan shopping portal has 500 bonus miles on $200 or more in cumulative spend through June 14. Giftcards.com will work as long as it normally tracks for you, but likely won’t work in conjunction with the 10% off Visa offer.
  3. If you’re into fintechs for floosies, the new no-annual fee Wells Fargo Attune World Mastercard’s 4% back in several categories including gyms might be enticing, definitely more so than its $100 sign-up bonus.
  4. A periodic refrain in churning is that grocery stores are bad at coding promos and this week brought another example. Always be probing.

Science hasn’t figured out why this surfaced this week either.

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