The travel blogosphere is an interesting place: Where else can you find a bunch of people with similar interests talking about discount diapers, free Chik-Fil-A sandwiches, overflowing lavatories, first class lounges with Porsche transfers to your aircraft, and ViaSat internet all in the same regime? Nowhere else, that’s where.

At MEAB I try and focus on things that I think will make a meaningful difference in most readers’ lives. I personally value my time at well above $100 per hour, and I assume that you do as well, that means that I draw a line about which things I’ll post and which I won’t. If something doesn’t feel like it crosses that threshold, or if it’s a stretch to call it travel related, you won’t find it here. Instead you’ll only find (I hope):

  • Things that make you money
  • Things that make you miles
  • Things that maximize your money or miles, specifically related to travel
  • Things that make you laugh, but only in direct relation to the previous points

There’s a threshold for when something is interesting, and 500 points for taking a 10 minute survey is really, really below the value that I place on my own time, and by extension your time.

What’s the point? If you’re wondering why I’m not talking about a particular hotel promotion or a bank bonus that you find on other major sites, it’s probably because I think it doesn’t meet the $100 per hour imaginary line, or that it’s not directly relevant to making money or miles. If I miss something that clearly does cross that threshold, please let me know!

A visual representation of the line.