It’s been an information dense week, and today is no exception – sorry friends. We’ll collectively both try harder and do better next week.

  1. If you hold Hyatt elite status and have linked your Hyatt and AA accounts, check your American Airlines profile for a targeted AA status match promotion, or alternatively look for an email from AA. The Loyalty Points required to maintain status after a promotional period are:

    – 25,000 Loyalty Points for Platinum (equivalent to Gold on other airlines)
    – 42,000 Loyalty Points for Platinum Pro (equivalent to Platinum on other airlines)
    – 67,000 Loyalty Points for Executive Platinum (top tier regular status)

    Brian M shares a note of caution: The earning period for Loyalty Points is split up into three phases each with earning targets, and if you don’t earn enough for a higher tier in an earlier phase it won’t matter what you earn in later phase. Each phase is four calendar months, and starts when you activate the promotion. Why three phases? Budgeting.
  2. One of the loopholes for Delta status that we discussed yesterday was discount partner business class flights. In the most Delta move ever, Delta has announced that they’re cutting the MQM earning on Aeromexico discount business class tickets starting on January 1.

    When asked for commentary about why the earnings charts were changed, Delta simply said “budgeting”. (Thanks to EyeOfTheFlyer)
  3. Staples has a promotion for $200 fee-free Visa gift cards starting Sunday and running through the following Saturday, limit eight per transaction.

    By the way, I’m told these can help with budgeting.
  4. Giant, Stop & Shop, and Martins grocery stores have 2x points on Vanilla Visa gift cards through Thursday of next week, which effectively makes the gift cards negative cost provided you use the points for gas or groceries.
  5. Do this now: Register for Chase’s Freedom and Freedom Flex Q4 5x categories on up to $1,500 in spend at:

    – PayPal
    – Wholesale Clubs
    – Select charities (probably the same as the Pay Yourself Back eligible charities)

    While you’re at it, you’ve got roughly two weeks left to knock out your Q3 Chase 5x spend at gas stations, electric vehicle charging, or select entertainment.

Have a nice weekend!

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