The American Express Retention Backdoor

We’ve seen American Express 99 employee card bonus offers for more than a year and a half, and if you’ve taken advantage of a few of these you’ve probably also learned to deal with slow American Express IT systems that weren’t designed for your 600+ card shenanigans. The slow responsiveness seems especially prevalent when asking for a retention offer or to close a card.

But, what if there were a magical phone number that let you skip American Express’s phone tree, enter your card number directly, and then you’d be sent immediately to the retention department with your card information pushed to the rep’s computer? And what if the rep had minty fresh breath?Then you’d be living on Earth in 2023, because there is just that type of number:


What’s the provenance of this number, you ask? An American Express chat rep gave it to me while his system was hung trying to load a particular card to look for retention offers. He said their systems were faster and better and that seems true based on my experience. I can’t speak to the minty breath though, you’ll just have to take that one on faith.

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