1. Meijer MPerks has $50 back in rewards with a $500 third party gift card purchase through December 10. Notable exclusions include Apple, Amazon, Visas, and Mastercards, but other bulk brands like BestBuy, Nike, Home Depot, and ebay are eligible.

    The best use of MPerks rewards at scale is often buying electronics to ship to buyer’s groups.

  2. Giftcards.com has a sale for 5% off of the total purchase price of physical or virtual Mastercards through Thursday on up to $1,500 per order. There are currently three promo codes: VETERANSDAY, VETERANSDAYSALE, MASTERSALE, and as far as I know they’re interchangeable. You can repeat the order for physical gift cards every 24 hours, or for virtual gift cards every 48 hours per account.

    Don’t forget to go through a shopping portal, and also don’t forget about the “politician upset over loss” shopping portal bonuses which make this even more compelling.

  3. Staples has fee free $200 Mastercard gift cards, limit eight per transaction through Saturday. These are Metabanks, so have a liquidation plan in play. (It’s possible to do both from home and in-store. Always be probing.)
  4. Office Depot/OfficeMax has $15 back in $300 or more in Visa gift cards through Saturday. They’re also Metabanks. To scale:

    – Try for multiple transactions back-to-back to optimize your time
    – Link your credit cards to Dosh
    – Add a pen, paperclips, or some other item to your transaction for Dosh longevity
    – Buy the “Everywhere” cards for a lower fee and usually easier in-person liquidation

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