Turning an Old Phone into a New Burner Phone for $0


This site has a laser-focus on manufactured spend and travel hacking, and while today’s post may seem like neither, it enables both and is very much a key part of the game, especially when scaling a deal (in other words, still on-brand for MEAB). I’ve also had a few of you ask about getting a new burner phone recently, so there’s that motivation too.

In case you’re still unconvinced about today’s post, an extra phone number is useful because it:

  • Enables new accounts
  • Gives another referral vector
  • Can be a route out of a shutdown
  • Can be parlayed into another google voice account
  • Is another source of 2FA

And of course owning a new cell phone instead of a nearly dead iPhone 3G helps you in other ways too (e.x. for running FinTech apps are activating a Boost SIM).

Nowlet’s tie that into Visible, a low cost cell phone service provider and creepy advertiser owned by Verizon.

Trading Up

If you have android or iPhone in a drawer that still turns on, it’s probably eligible for Visible’s swap program. In fact, the older and weirder it is, the better. (If you don’t have one, you can find an old phone on ebay that fits the bill for under $20. Just make sure it turns on and isn’t severely damaged.) With the trade up program, you’ll get a new Moto G Pure for effectively free by:

  • Shopping through a portal like Rakuten for $30 back
  • Using anyone’s Visible referral code for the first month at $5
  • Joining literally any party in Party Pay for the second month at $25

After 60 days, Visible unlocks all phones which leaves you at a net cost of $0 to trade an old phone for a Moto G Pure, and you’ll get a new cell phone number for games in the mean time. Of course when the phone is unlocked it can be used for games with just about any service out there.

For more on burners, see Cell Phone Burners and Travel Hacking or Cell Phone Burner Followup.

Showing off a Visible cell phone magic swap trick to a baboon for some reason.

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