Starting the Week with Manufactured Spend

There’s a lot of opportunity kicking off the week, let’s hope it continues through Labor Day weekend (which, by the way, will likely be a great weekend for gift card reselling). Let’s dive in:

1. Office Depot/OfficeMax is back with my favorite promo: $15 off of $300 or more in Visa Gift Cards, now through Saturday. This is a $1.10 money maker when buying two regular $200 Visa Gift Cards. If you try slightly harder, say with the Everywhere variety of Visa Gift Cards and by linking your card to Dosh it becomes a $15.10 money maker without considering credit card rewards. If you go for the Everywhere cards note that they’re locked to specific merchants, but some of them are broad enough to make liquidation a breeze.

Do you have any burner cell phone numbers? Perhaps at least one for each credit card you have that bonuses at Office Supply stores? Create a Dosh account for each of them so you can scale the daily Dosh $10 max.

2. Dean let me know that Brex is back with a 110,000 points bonus through a partnership with Peyd. These points cash out directly via Brex at a penny a piece, or you can transfer them 1:1 to eight different airlines, some of which are actually useful (FlyingBlue, Asia Miles, and LifeMiles all have a unique sweet spots).

I signed up for Brex when it was first available and my biggest surprise with it is that the account is actually useful on an ongoing basis, not just for the sign up bonus. I’ve been happy with it for payroll hacking and for MS in certain categories.

Reportedly Brex will also let you sign up with Sole Proprietorship businesses now, but they may ask to see a tax return with a Schedule C.

3. Stop & Shop and Giant stores have 3x GO Rewards on Mastercard purchases, and 10x on Apple gift card purchases this week. I really like the Apple angle with resale rates hovering at about 93%, especially when combined with a credit card that bonuses at grocery stores.

Waiting for the light to turn plaid to drive into the OfficeMax parking lot.

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