The frequency of US Mint coin deals has been turned up to an eleven recently as you’ve probably seen on a dozen other sites. I want to call out a few things that you probably won’t see everywhere else in anticipation of today’s deal at 12PM Eastern, which will be a nice manufactured spend and money making opportunity:

  • American Express has been awarding points on US Mint purchases despite scares about that wouldn’t after new language was added to the Terms and Conditions of personal cards
  • Using a Citi personal credit card will often trigger a fraud alert, and by the time you get that cleared up the coins will probably be sold out, so just don’t do it
  • You have a better shot of getting in on the deal if you’re logged in and ready 10 minutes before the deal goes live
  • Most of these deals will take about 15 minutes of your time to buy and you’ll earn $100 or more and some manufactured spend for the trouble, so do look into participating if it’s right for you
  • You can scale this deal with other trustworthy addresses, like perhaps those of your immediate family or your own PO Box, just use a separate US Mint account for each
  • If you’re even slightly techie, you can pre-construct the URLs for adding the coins to your cart and then load them right when the clock turns: Take the link for an existing product’s “Add to Bag”, then change the product id and quantity to match the new deal (todays product id: 21EMN)
  • Vinh at Miles Per Day consistently has the best offers I’ve seen. I consider him trustworthy, but do your own diligence and homework and then make your own decision

Before committing to any seller, shop around at Miles Per Day, PointsMaker, PFS Buyers Club, TheCardBay, and The Deal Buyer for the best deal, and make sure you choose a buyer that you trust.

An image of a mint/chocolate flavored treat.
Pictured: Mint coin.