1. Register here for Hyatt Bonus Journeys. You’ll earn 3x Hyatt points on stays of at least two nights when you checkout between July 20 and September 15. Don’t procrastinate just because you think you may not be traveling. Register anyway in case something happens.

2. The new AmEx Platinum changes are being probed and a nice hack has already surfaced: United and Delta frequent flyer members get discounted Clear membership of $119 even with no status, and you can add a Player 2 for an extra $60 which happens to exactly equal the $179 credit. So, your one Platinum credit is good for at least two people with almost no work.

Side note: It’s against the T&Cs to sell the Clear credit (I assume it is anyway), but you can almost certainly cash them out with a quick post on your Facebook page saying something like “I’m selling one year Clear membership for two people for $125.”

I’m on vacation and have been since Friday afternoon, and I’m punch drunk on California beach vibes so I went experimental today. Without further ado, here’s my review of the new American Express Platinum card changes, in haiku form.

Huge annual fee
is unjustifiable
find another card

Clear reimbursement
could save 55 minutes per year
if you are lucky

Equinox credit
useful in almost no cities
use YouTube instead

One lifetime bonus?
terms and conditions are lies
bonus will come

New York Times is saved
by entertainment credit
otherwise no-one pays

Fine Hotels and Resorts
credit does not earn you status
better than nothing

Air incidentals
credit was hard to abuse
but was worth real cash

Lounge access is great
until you realize that
many cards grant it

Will not renew
personal cards will be golds
business cards will cease

Vacation vibe vibes.