Let’s talk about making an easy $794 today, spread across a couple of deals:


A new link has surfaced for generating yourself a Chase Business $750 bonus code, this one is good through October 21 and requires $10,000 held in the account for 90 days. I really like this iteration of the bonus because there’s nothing in the Terms & Conditions about existing business accounts with Chase, so you can use an existing business and just open a new account for the bonus (provided that the business hasn’t had a checking bonus with Chase in the last two years).

If you’re not going to do this deal immediately I’d suggest generating yourself a bonus code now in case the offer disappears, then you can take advantage of it any time between now and October 21. Honestly this is probably going to be one of the easiest big bonuses you can earn this year, easy like lemon grass.

For those of you that don’t have a business, you can just open a Sole Proprietor account with an anticipated annual revenue of $0.00. That said, I’m not a CPA, lawyer, or otherwise qualified to offer anyone any type of advice so take that suggestion as a thought experiment.


Have you installed Google Pay yet? If not, I’d suggest it — my app on iOS is showing an offer for 20% back at Walgreens up to $50 (a total of $250 in spend for the non-math inclined). I’d buy a Visa or Mastercard, or a Home Depot gift card for resale in a pinch.

How do we make this better? For some of you, Walgreens is showing up in the American Express Shop Small tool. The Walgreens stores in my area aren’t showing up so I can’t directly test it, but almost certainly the 5x/10x/15x Shop Small will combine with the Google Pay $50 since the Google offer is linked to the card number and doesn’t require using your phone at checkout. After a Visa or Mastercard fee, you’ll have about $44 in your pocket and another 3,800 Membership Rewards at 15x.

My purchase of a Vanilla Visa tracked in the Google Pay app instantly after using my card in store, so no waiting on this one. That leaves you plenty of time to see what else you might be able to do in the way of MS at Walgreens while you’re there. Hint: the answer definitely isn’t “nothing”.

A lemon grass plant.
What makes lemon grass easy? I literally have no idea.