With the end of the month approaching really quickly, it’s time for me (and I hope you) to do the following:

  1. Make sure you’ve spent any American Express credits in Uber Eats or Uber by Sunday evening. Watch out for combining accounts that have stored Uber Cash and American Express Uber credits though.
  2. Make sure you’ve spent any $10 American Express Personal Gold dining credits. The easiest way IMO is to buy something for pickup for $10ish at a local coffee shop on GrubHub.
  3. If you have an American Express co-branded personal card (Marriott, Delta, Hilton), make sure you’ve attached the dining offer to your card and spend it. The easiest way to do this from home seems to be to buy an exact value DoorDash or Uber Eats gift card on Fluz, which will code correctly as a restaurant on the co-brands. Find a Fluz referral from a friend to make their day if you don’t have an account already.
  4. Spend any American Express co-branded business card wireless credits. I prepay my cell phone bill with this one, and after last year’s Master Value Injection I’ve racked up a big credit. Just make sure you’ve added the offer to your American Express card first.
  5. Check for any credit cards that have had annual fees post in February and call them for a retention offer. I suggest saying something like: “I’m thinking of closing this card because of its high annual fee and I’m not using the benefits right now, but before I decide what to do I was wondering if there are any retention offers or spend bonuses.” I don’t think it works with other banks, but with AmEx you can do this over chat rather than the phone.

    Note: Don’t skip this one! Stu emailed me earlier this week to say that he got a total of $1,250 in retention offers after making just a few calls. Be cool, be like Stu!

  6. Cancel any cell phone burner accounts that you’re done with (and that you didn’t use a virtual account number that expires on).
A picture of 10 different liquor bottles laid on the ground, all empty.
Time to clean up after all of the “food” you bought with your dining credits.