1. United’s sometimes awful, sometimes decent, usually better than a kick-in-the-head program MileagePlay has a new round of offers. You can check yours here. Current offers are valid through July 30. Offers seen this round:

    – Book and fly two one-way flights or one round-trip, earn 2,500 bonus miles
    – Book and fly five trips, earn 9,000 bonus miles
    – Book a single trip costing at least $175, earn 3,800 bonus miles

    If you have existing United flights (sorry), it’s worth checking to see if they can be rebooked at a reasonable cost in order to meet your offer.

  2. It’s a good time to liquidate your American Express Personal Platinum Saks credits, or your Business Platinum Dell credits because both are at 15x on Rakuten today:

    Saks 15x
    Dell Technologies 15x (Dell Technologies routes you to dell.com and tracks just like the regular shop)

    What should you buy at Saks? My goto is a gift card for resale whenever I’m near an actual Saks store. Failing that, uh, I guess you can buy a crappy metal detector that will probably only be able to detect tears of frustration. Failing that, here’s a search for everything under $50 at Saks.

    Don’t forget that Rakuten accounts can earn Membership Rewards points instead of cash back, just make sure your account is created correctly before shopping.

The aftermath of trying to use a crappy metal detector from Saks. Don’t say you weren’t warned.