1. Two airline shopping portals have spring spend bonuses, following last week’s similar Alaska deal:

    United: 500 bonus miles after $100 or more in spend by April 15
    AA : 500 bonus miles after $200 or more in spend by April 15

    Giftcards.com remains a solid way to hit these bonuses, especially since United is already at 2x for card holders.
  2. BankAmeriDeals and Chase Offers have a new offer for 10% back on Alaska Airlines airfare of $50 or more booked by the end of April, max $45 cash back.

    The most above board way to game this is to book a non-basic economy airfare, wait 24 hours, and refund it to your Alaska wallet. There are less above board ways too.
  3. Rakuten In-Store has card linked offer for 5% cash back on up to $100 in spend up to three times at CVS. You’ve got to re-add the offer an hour after using it, and you’ve got 75 days to use it. (Thanks to Doug)
  4. American Express Offers has an offer for $50 off of $250 at Grand Hyatt properties worldwide by June 30.

    Can you game this one? Yes, gamers gonna game. (Thanks to SideShowBob233)
  5. There’s new data to add to US Bank’s Altitude Reserve 3x earning problems:

    – If you’re not earning 3x on Apple Pay transactions, deleting and re-adding the card to your Apple Wallet has proven to fix earning for everyone I know of (four data points)
    – Some people are earning 3x on Google Wallet, and others are earning 1x, there’s still no known fix

    There are also multiple reports that calling and whining to US Bank about the lack of 3x earning will earn you 5,000 bonus points, but if there are shenanigans on your account that’s probably a bad idea, on par with chocolate covered potatoes.

Chocolate dipped raw potatoes presented without further comment.