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  1. Meijer MPerks has a digital coupon for $10 off of $150 or more in Mastercard gift cards through Saturday, limit one per account. Scale with multiple MPerks accounts.

    Meijer sells both Sunrise and Pathward gift cards.
  2. DDG reports that Discover is sending a targeted 5x promotion at Walmart for January and February via email, activation required.
  3. Capital One Shopping has $150 to $200 referral bonuses for both the referrer and referred after the referred installs a browser extension and spends $10 through the portal, limit $500 in referral bonuses per account. You don’t need a Capital One card or a social security number to have a Capital One Shopping account.

    It’s good practice to cycle to a new Capital One Shopping account after $1,000 or so cash back, and now there’s slightly more incentive. If you don’t already have a Capital One Shopping account, be sure to reach out to a friend for a link.
  4. has no fees on $150 or more in electronic Visa gift cards through Wednesday night with code VGHOLIDAY23. is an Incomm website, and American Express has blocked points earning on Incomm websites.

The ninth easiest gig you ever got. (Thanks to Carl for sharing)