“Oh joy, another ChatGPT blah blah blah post,” you say? No, I’m not going to write yet another “how to master ChatGPT for to increase your [manufactured spend] game to seven figures!!” post. Those suck for a few reasons:

Leveling Up

Instead, here are a few ways that AI chatbots have helped me up my game, even if we’re not looking at a seven figure enhancement:

  • Bing bot: Good for aggregating data scraping searches, but often it needs plenty of refinement
    • “Can you help me find a Mastercard not issued by a big bank like Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or Citi that offers rewards and bonuses in certain categories?” (you’ll probably need to go back and forth a few times to really get what you want
    • “Where can I find average interchange rates for grocery stores?”
  • ChatGPT: Good for decoding items in your browser’s network inspector and for coming up with reasons for dealing with a bank fraud specialist
    • “Chase’s website gave me the following blob when I looked at a charge, can you help me find interesting and significant fields: {“mcc”: “7995”,”timestamp”:”…”}”
    • “What are some reasons that legitimate businesses may purchase a large number of gift cards?”
    • “Wii you suggest a good spreadsheet template for keeping track of credit card churning and help me write some alarm functions for when I need to take action?”
  • Google Bard: I’m still trying to decide which things make Bard excel, but I’ve come up dry. It’s definitely the most hallucinogenic of the major bots, so I guess that’s something:
    • “What major travel bloggers have been accused of heavy drug use?” – it never answers this in a way that I expect
    • “How is Walmart useful for manufactured spend?” – apparently you can buy money orders with a credit card at Walmart. Capital job Bard!


Now, I was being lazy when I wrote this and didn’t write a summary, so instead I pasted everything above this line into ChatGPT and asked for a funny ending. I’d give it a 3/10, what do you think?

In conclusion, if you’re tired of the same old “how to master ChatGPT” posts, give these unconventional AI chatbot tricks a try – who knows what you might discover (or hallucinate)!

Happy Wednesday!

Stable Diffusion’s generated image for “A photorealistic render of Google Bard”. If nothing else, it does indeed look hallucinogenicy.