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Getting $50 for Three Months from Point

The Point debit card is giving a point for each dollar of “direct deposit”sent into your account in March, April, and May, up to 5,000 points per month. You also need to spend $100 on the debit card each month to be eligible.

Of course direct deposit can always be emulated. For the best luck:

  • ACH from a business account
  • Ideally, use a business account that lets you add an ACH memo when sending
  • Set the ACH memo to “Payroll”

I’d set up a $5,000 transfer to my Point account, wait three days to avoid the appearance of ACH kiting, then set up another $5,000 transfer back out. Even better, schedule all three months now and you can largely forget about it.

As always with Point, use a referral link if you sign up for the card because the public offer is smaller than the referral offer of $100 after spending $50.

Happy Monday!

ACH kiting is serious business, friends.