This weekend will probably be a great weekend for portal bonuses so check the rates at Dell and at Saks to help offset the pain of liquidating American Express coupons credits.

With that out of the way, there are a few items to note:

1. Yesterday’s Chase Southwest Visa offer for 30,000 Rapid Rewards points and a Companion Pass through February, 2023 is now available as a public link, no need to find someone with a targeted referral.

2. Reader Dean let me know that Capital One waved the annual fee on his Spark Business credit card after calling and asking. So as always, don’t forget to give card companies a call and say something like “I’m considering closing this card, but before I make a decision on what to do, I was wondering if there were any spend bonuses or retention offers?”

Just make sure you watch out for Citi being Citi when you try retention offers with them.

3. On the subject of retention offers, word on the street is that Chase has recently started offering them on more cards than just the Sapphire line. I for one applaud Chase becoming more like American Express (in this regard).

4. I’ve talked to a few of you that have already done the US Bank $4,000 special, and a few more that are still in the planning phases. If the latter category describes you, consider adding a US Bank Cash+ card into the mix because the card has no-annual fee and now has 5% back on flights, cars, or hotels booked with the US Bank travel portal, up to $2,000 in spend per quarter.

Good luck out there!

As reader and Southwest pilot Ryan tells me, every seat on Southwest is first class. I’m not sure if he had these in mind though.