How about that sportsball team in the big match yesterday? Time to move on yet? Ok, let’s go:

1. There’s an increased bonus on the Bank of America AirFrance / KLM FlyingBlue Mastercard: 55,000 points and a $100 statement credit after spending $2,000 within 90 days. The annual fee is $89 and is not waived for the first year.

To see the offer, make a dummy award booking with KLM and when you make it to the payment page you’ll see a banner with the increased bonus. (The public offer lacks the $100 statement credit). If you’re going to go for this, go for more than one and see this post, and this post for tips on how to get approved for multiple cards with a single credit pull.

2. J.T. sent me a copy of his US Bank Altitude Reserve statement and there’s some bad news: Starting on May 1, there will be a 3% foreign transaction fee on foreign purchases made either in US Dollars or in another currency.

I guess they had to make up for some of their expenses in the all-you-can-eat $4,000 US Bank Olympics special.

3. Watch your postal mail for a targeted offer Bank of America Business Cash Rewards for double cash back for up to $150 in rewards, registration required. I think I got this earlier in the week, thought it was spam, and tossed it. Reportedly I’m not the only one and the envelope looks like the worst kind of spam. Oh well.

(I first heard about this deal from Robert Dwyer on the excellent Milenomics podcast, but the first public article I’ve seen was at DoC.)

Pictured: US Bank retooling their money making strategies with foreign transaction fees on their most “premium” card.