1. The American Express Business Platinum card’s annual fee is increasing from $595 to $695 starting tomorrow, so if you might want one of these cards in the next month, apply now even if you’re not currently eligible. If you’re denied you can always reconsider within 30 days with the original annual fee attached.

Note that reconsideration can bypass certain things and that American Express rarely pulls your credit, so don’t be afraid to probe.

2. A new version of the American Express Pay-Over-Time bonus has surfaced, this time for 30,000 Membership Rewards. You can check your charge cards for eligibility at this link. (Thanks to stillwaters23 on reddit)

3. There’s a $5,000 opportunity for from-home manufactured spend on Visa and Mastercards (Patreon subscribers have known about this play since August 1 of last year, but it’s now become more-or-less public with multiple threads on multiple forums including /r/churning):

Public.com is a stock trading platform that allows funding up to $5,000 total with a debit card. It also happens to treat PayPal Key as a debit card, so this is a one time $5,000 MS opportunity on Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards (American Express credit cards don’t work with PayPal Key). EDIT: Rob let me know that you can fund $5,000 in a single transaction. The $1,000 per day limit no longer applies.

As usual, find a friend for a referral link to Public.com and make their day, but if you can’t find one, reach out to me and I’ll share mine. Be forewarned: the referral bonus is lame.

Wednesday thought: Is it ironic that the Public deal became public?