There’s a lot going on to take you into the weekend. If it’s your thing, get out and enjoy the weather this weekend. I certainly will.

1. Yieldstreet is paying a $500 bonus for parking $10,000 with them for 60 days. I’ll be doing this one for sure; a few caveats: It seems like referrals aren’t eligible for the bonus so don’t use them, and their investments are possibly of dubious quality so make sure you’re confident in what you do. For me, I’m going to park $10,000 in their FDIC insured account and skip their investment options. My return will be the $500. Thanks to reader DC Domer for bringing it to my attention.

2. Staples has fee free Visa Gift Cards from Sunday through Saturday, limit 5 per transaction. Before buying though, make sure you can liquidate them somehow. There are definitely still ways out there, the absolute highest fee version of which is Bravo — but you can do better.

3. Check to see if you’re targeted for 30% or 40% back at Amazon when using at least one Discover point at checkout. I was targeted for 40% off, and I’ll be buying a BestBuy gift card which I think you could have seen coming from a mile away.

4. The Free-quent Flyer has a great article about where to credit flights when flying American, Alaska, or JetBlue now that weird partnerships have become the norm in the US. I’d recommend setting aside five minutes to read it sometime this weekend.

Have a great weekend!

Shouldn’t tennis doubles be tennis quad? I bet you didn’t see that coming from a mile away.