Remember how “and burn” is part of this blog’s title? Let’s talk about burning at least once today:

  • Southwest is offering 20% off of Rapid Rewards mileage redemption for flights booked by Mar 25 with promo code SAVENOW. You must travel by April 30.
  • If you want to travel in May or June instead (or, in April if the fares are still too high), hurry and book the cheapest fare between roughly May 10 and May 31, then move it ± 30 days while the current free change window is open, just keep the city pairs the same. When this window is open all changes can be made online, no need to call. It will probably be gone tomorrow.

It is of course a shame that the dates for the above two offers don’t overlap.

An image of a dark haired teenage girl in a black Nirvana cap and a red shirt with mascara lines from recent crying running down her cheeks.
How the lack of overlap in the above two date windows makes me feel.

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