One of my favorite sayings is “there’s always somebody hitting a deal harder than you”. Of course logically this can’t be true because there’s a heaviest hitter for everything, but it’s right for all but one of everyone so it’s close enough, the same way that in physics, π = 3 is close enough for most estimates and assuming the shape of a cow is roughly spherical is usually good enough.

I’d like to offer a corollary to the heavy hitter hypothesis:

There’s always a better version of deal than the one you’re hitting.

You can sometimes find these deals by stacking things in a line, like by earning 2% for buying something with a Citi Double Cash and earning additional spread by paying your bill using a spread on a payment service or by getting even trickier. Other times, you can find these deals at your local credit union; they may offer a grocery card that earns better than an American Express Personal Gold card, which would be enough at face value. Bot sometimes the credit union also lets you pay your bill with a HELOC, and lets you pay your HELOC with a profitable bill pay service, and maybe has a transfer bonus too.

Always be probing!

There’s always better pizza than the one you’re eating too. Not pictured: Literally any other pizza.