If you’ve got an American Express Personal Platinum (or literally five of them like me), then you’re probably repeatedly annoyed at the twice a year $50 Saks credit. The best option to liquidate these is to take your stack of Platinums to a physical Saks and buy a $50 gift card with each, which isn’t supposed to reimburse but always does. That’s all fine and dandy, but the closest Saks to me is literally 698 miles by car which leaves me either 1) schlepping a bunch of Platinums around to a store I wouldn’t normally go to while I’m out of town, or 2) buying some overpriced stuff on Saks.com.

Reader Ryan let me know about another way that has more modestly priced receptacles choices:

  • Check out at Saks Off 5th with PayPal rather than using the Saks checkout and the $50 American Express credit will still post, even though it’s not supposed to

Don’t forget to go through a portal too.

A modestly priced receptacle.