You may be surprised to learn that I have credit cards coming and going into and out of my sock drawer and my wallet all of the time. Did I say surprised? Oops, I meant bored. Anyway, when there’s a card change I have a quick list of things to do to make sure I get all the bonuses that I can and also to clean out the clutter in my digital shenanigans. Here’s a rough checklist of what I do, and what I think you should update as credit cards come and go:

As an example of how valuable some of these can be, I earned 9,000 JetBlue TrueBlue miles in a single day during last week’s Lowe’s Visa Gift Card deal (though they haven’t posted yet, but they will) just by having my Freedom cards linked to TrueBlue Shopping.

MS Hint: Being diligent with card linked programs really helps when fee free office supply store deals come along.

Happy weekend!

Weekend rest after wearing myself out with housekeeping.